dismalxrequiem (dismalxrequiem) wrote in coolnerds4ever,

Application thing.


Clichéd general questions:

1. What is your name? Alissa
2. How old are you? 16
3. Are you male, female, or both? Female
4. Where are you? [Country, State, City] Connecticut
5. List five [or more] of your favourite bands/artists? O-Zone, Eiffel 65, Franz Ferdinand, Kyo, Amici
6. What is your favourite book? Either The Hobbit, Dracula, or The Secret Garden. They all have their own qualities that make them wonderful books
7. What is your favourite movie? Gladiator
8. What is your reason for joining THE HIVE MIND? It seemed like a good idea at the time...
9. What you will bring to THE HIVE MIND? Something???
10. If you ruled the whole world for the day, what would you do? I'd conquer the universe from there...

Canpin’s questions:

1. In today’s society, how relevant is the law to everyday life? You get extra points for mentioning the success of life-sentencing vs. retribution. Law is highly relevant, especially in our country, where one must be careful not to end up in jail. Retribution is pointless for the more dangerous type of criminal, and death by torture is a favorable punishment...
2. John Stuart Mill? Your mom?
3. If you ever met Donald Trump, what would you do? (Please note, ‘laugh at his hair’ is not a clever answer) I would probably just greet him as I would any other normal person? I don't understand why he's so special anyway...
4. If you ever met George Dubya, what would you do? Slap him with salmon.
5. Name three cool things to come from the eighties. Disco, Skittles, and Star Trek: The Journey Home.

Ablativearmour’s questions:

1. How did you seen out when you was a baby? I can't remember.
2. What three things do you consider MOST essential for life? Music, culture, and Star Trek.
3. What is your favourite food, and why? Dijon mustard, and i'm not sure why.
4. Do you like anime? If so, which is your favourite? Not really, I was a sailor moon fan back in elementry school, though.
5. Are you cool? Define cool.
6. Name two pokemon. NOT INCLUDING PIKACHU! Dratini and Mew. Mew is my personal favorite... I had a gameshark back in the pokemoning days, and I had one on my blue version. <3

We want 1 picture of you, and 1 picture of some random. Like we care.

I do not have a picture of myself, but i'll post something random >:D

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