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Holy shit, guys. My step-dad just showed me his latest Popular mechnicacs magazine. There's a contest to win a computer worth over $7500 fucking dollars! It's fucking awesome!

Software: PM's work hard/play hard combo pack: Doom 3 ($40); Half life 2 ($55); Microsoft Office ($500); Adobe Creative Suit and Video Collection ($2728)

Case Silverstone TJ06 Windtunnel ($139)--it's grey with blue lights inside and a glass side window. Plus extra fans.

CPU The New AMD Athlon 64 FX-55 ($827 fucking dollars!)--These suckers are new and fucking hard to get! They're awesome. We just got a couple of the lower grade 64s at work.

Motherboard: ASUS A8n SLi Deluxe ($265): Badass nervous system for a badass CPU

ram/memory: Four Corsair Twinx 512mg (#137 each)--This is the GOOD shit! We have to special order this stuff at work!

SATA Hard drives: Two 74bg 10k RPM Western Digital Raptors ($240 each) + two 300bg 7.2k RPM Maxtors ($250 each) + one 400gb 7.2l rpm seagate ($387)--That's over a terabyte of fucking storage people. Holy shit. Just the hard drives cost more than it did when I built my fucking computer.

graphics cards: Two nVidia 6800 Ultras ($500)--holy shit! Two of these btiches!

optical drive: NEC ND-3500A duel-layer, dual-format DVD writer with 48x cdrw ($100)--OK, DVD burner = cool, but I'll add it to my drives

Holy shit. I am so definetly entering.

How to enter?

1. You must be eighteen years old.
2. Res of the USA
3. From 04/01/05 until 04/30/05 you can enter the Monster PC Sweepstakes by filling out the online entry form at:
--blahblahblah--they're not responsible if you fuck it up
4.On or about the week of 05/09/05 there wil be a random drawing. One winner will be selected and notified by e-mail, phone, and/or mail. ENTRY LIMITED TO ONE PER PERSON.
5.Grand Badass Winner will be the envy of fellow computer junkies/hackers with the computer of the worth of $7800. All taxes are your responsibility.
6.By the way, you can't trade the badass computer for money.
7. Odds of winning depend on entries--if one of you win because of this I want the CPU and the motherboard, at least ^_^
8.Winner has to sign a release saying the magazine can use your name and/or likeliness(huh?) in their magazine. Making you the envy of all junkies/hackers/mechanics/geeks/ect that read the magazine. If you don't do this you lose the BadAss system. Then you suck. And someone else will get your computer.
9. By being in sweepstakes you agree not to sue them if you electricute yourself.
10. Each entry acknowledges above rules and have deemed themselves intelligent enough to continue
11.For name of winner--just in case you know them and can, thus, steal the BadAss system--send a self-addressed anveloped to:
Popular Mechanics/MonsterPC
810, Seventh Ave. 6th Floor
New York , NY 10019

Dude. I want it. Bad.

So I thought I'd share this with you guys--just in case you wanted a chance to win a kickin' new computer. ^_^

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