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A New Forum for Debate and Discussion

I know this might sound a bit off topic, but it isn't. So continue reading.
I have created a new community called heated_debate. The purpose of this community is to allow a place for people to come debate and discuss whatever they want in whatever manner they see fit without having to worry about either being banned by a childish moderator or being censored by others.
This whole thing got started when I was banned from almost every Star Wars community for Disagreeing with a moderator. Not for breaking rules. Not for trolling. Simply for having a different opinion about George Lucas.
I am sick of this crap.
I have had tons of friends banned from anime, religion, trek, and just about every other kind of community.
In heated_debate I hope to get as many fellow nerds and thinkers together as possible so we can discuss subjects of common interest in a forum without fear of censorship. I know I do not have a whole lot of topics up right now, but I am still trying to get people to come join.
Anyway, please join if you are interested. I would love to get some sci-fi or generally nerdish threads up and running.

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